How to move a complete DSP from one server to another

Is there a recommended way to move a DSP (including it’s data) to a different server?

E.g. working on a project on localhost and then deploy it to a web-server.


I am going to reach out to you via email. We appreciate you insight and help with regards to our product, because our goal here is to make it as user-friendly and “easy” if you will…as possible. So, thank you for your feedback.

As far as the issue of completely moving a DSP - the easiest way would vary depending on a few things. Github install, bitnami package, do you only have one application or many, which OS are you running on…or are you deployed in the cloud?

In your particular case let’s assume (for ease) that the web server and localhost are both running on linux - and you have only one application with a lot or a little data in the native MySQL DB that comes with the DSP when you installed it off github…

the /htdocs/ folder is where all the “good” stuff is. So, and your applications reside in the apps folder within htdocs. You should be able to install the same way that you did on local host as on your web server, pull in any applications that you need from the apps folder within htdocs, export/import db from mysql, run composer update, then (and my favorite) restart apache.

Maybe in near future we have a “DSP Clone” button that will take a snapshot of one’s DSP - but, in the meantime, the previous steps should help.

I’m going to reach out to you through the support e-mail - please be on the lookout.


  • Mark

Hi Mark,

thx for the info. A ‘DSP Clone’ would certainly be helpful.

One of the main reasons why I like working with SQLite-based sites is, that you can just compress your htdocs, move to another server, decompress and you’re good to go. (This is not only convenient, but working like that allows me to create ‘templates’ of a complete installation and deploy within 2 minutes.)

DSP evolved quite a bit since last year, but this is one of the shortcomings of it (together with lacking localization options). I will play with it some more and report back as good as I can, in the hope I can use it one time for my own projects :wink:

If you have something to test, please let me know :wink:


If I were going to “clone my DSP” to another server, let’s say an amazon EC2 instance… Then I’d would take the following steps:

note: I’m currently running locally on my ubuntu server 12.xx and downloaded via github - running on lamp server as a module.

  1. clone my htdocs using github (create a repo of some sort)
  2. Pull this htdocs down into its dir /dreamfactory
  3. Update: git pull origin master and composer update
  1. restart apache

Then there is the issue with the “db” though… even though it’s a simple import/export through MySQL, it would be nice to be able to clone this process.

I will bring it up to our engineers and I’m sure they’ll chime in on this post, as well soon - Thanks, Andy.

  • Mark


I have our DSP v1.5.9 from bitnami running on an ubuntu server in DigitalOcean. I have an image from the initial install and snapshots during dev. Creating a new dsp is just a matter of creating a new instance from the fresh install image. The dev snapshots came in handy when the upgrade to 1.6.10 from 1.5.9 failed. I just recreated the instance from the last snapshot.

I hope the export/import app function gets working so i can create a new upgraded instance and just export/import apps to the upgraded version.

Running on the cloud cost more but in the long run you save on time and effort.

@tborja: I would love running (hosted) DSP in the cloud, but latency is killing me… (and realtime-support is missing)

@tiptronic Our hosted version is really designed for “kicking the tires” and getting experience with DSP. If you do not want to host DSP on your own server I would highly recommend AWS or Azure as a cloud option with excellent performance. Also, if you need urgent realtime-support we have a number of support packages, that include phone and live chat options, starting as cheap as $25 a month. Here is a link if you are interested:


Hi Mark,
well - I tried the hosted version, because upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6 hosed my AWS-version and my local bitnami VM-version… (there are some threads about it here ;))

I understand there are support-options, but I’d prefer a working system at first. Currently I’m reluctant using DSP in a working environment, since I’m not really confident it works as reliable as I need it (unfortunately).

That being said, to me one of the most important steps would be a save/restore function, to completely backup/restore the whole DSP, so problems like this can easily (and fast) be solved.



Hey, I understand where you are coming from and know that we are grateful for your use of our product.

If you are not able to upgrade your AWS and Bitnami versions still, please let me know. I will guide you through to a successful upgrade on both systems.

Each time you upgrade (locally), the DSP does store a backup in the “storage” directory. However, you’re right - it would and hopefully soon will be, nice to have an export button to move any locally installed DSP freely about.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with as I am more than happy to help.

Thanks again,

  • Mark

Hi Mark,

thx - but I’m fine. I’m just playing with the DSP (for now) - so re-creating the data is not that important. I’m merely waiting until I’m brave enough to start using it for a real project. But since I’m more a dev than a sysadmin, I don’t think I’m there yet :wink:

But I’ll happily provide more tests…


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I’m looking to do exactly this. How exactly would you do the composer update? And what does this do?

Hello Andy,

Install the Bitnami version of DreamFactory on your server. To backup your DSP, just backup the whole bitnami installed directory. If you use Bitnami everything installed will be in that directory.