Just does not work(?)


I tried, the hosted free version and two separate Bitnami installs on Gcloud.
I connected to a remote DB with no apparent error, but I cannot get it to work, with all instances.
The same happens when I try to create a table, and when I try to create a table on a local DB.

Update: I was able to connect from the Gcloud install, by fixing a firewall issue on the DB side.
But, the same fix did not help when using the hosted (free trial) instance.
I think that the IP address provided for this instance is incorrect.

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Hello @gulli1,

Can you send us more details and information about your setup and multiple instances? Did you download for Mac or Windows? What DB were you trying to connect to? Can you include the IP address provided that you think is incorrect?


@AlexBowen thanks for your reply. Bitnami was installed on a Gcloud platform (Linux…) and now works well because I have a correct IP address, as I mentioned in the update.

I think it will be best if you can give clear instructions on finding the correct PUBLIC IP Address used with your hosted trial account. Following another thread I was only able to find a private IP address and I think this is the problem.


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Thanks for the details @gulli1.

I will follow up on this.