Problems with request from localhost to external service (Win7)

Maybe somebody had similar problem.

  1. I made fresh installation on Windows using Bitnami package.

  2. I created new service (Salesforce).

  3. Attempt reading all tables (using API docs) gave me this error:

    Response Body: no content
    Response Code: 500

After googling - I uncommented :


in php.ini

Now I have different error:

Response Body: "Could not connect to host"
Response Code: 500

I tried Dreamfactory with Openshift and connection to Salesforce work good. I can’t create server side scripts so I decided to try local installation but I’m getting mentioned error.
Please help.

In apache log file, I don’t see nothing interesting (any new entries after invoking “Try it out!” button.

Dreamfactory log similar to apache, doesn’t give me more information:

[2015-07-22 07:23:32][app][ERROR    ] REST Exception #500 > Could not connect to host {"host":"","request_uri":"/rest/sfdc?names_only=true&include_schemas=true","source_ip":"","sapi_name":"apache2handler"}

This looks like a connection error and not a configuration issue within DreamFactory. It seems the host is accepting the connection from your Openshift instance, and rejecting the connection from your Windows Server. How have you configured the host to accept connections?

Hi, thank you for response.
This is Win7 desktop, so I didn’t configure any additional rules. I looked into firewall logs and I didn’t see nothing interesting
In the company we use own proxy - maybe this is problem and I need make some additional configuration.

Meanwhile I’m using free AWS EC2 and everything work good. I spent one day with the configuration DSP on my localhost and I gave up.
My experience with different environments:

  • Openshift - server side scripts not working
  • localhost - I can’t connect to external service (probably this is proxy issue), but server side scripts work good
  • AWS EC2 - everything is working correctly ( I made ssh tunnel to my localhost and using custom port)