REST calls failing. Caching issue?

I have been using DF for over an year now. But cannot seem to find my way around this one bug;
Calls seem to be working once after cache is cleared, then fails continuously.


  1. Made a change on the V8JS script (on an existing endpoint) and when calling it, I get a 500 response.
  2. I go to config --> clear caches
  3. Go back to REST client and try the same endpoint = works!
  4. Call the same endpoint again = 500 (and continues there onward till another cache clear)

Started a fresh install (aws) and migrated the data over, etc.

  1. Make a call --> 500
  2. Clear caches
  3. Make call = works
  4. Make call = 500 (continues)

Any idea what might be the issue?

Did you get anywhere with this? We are experiencing a similar issue. Works once then needing to clear the cache on second call.


Hi @zynchro,

We had this problem in our own project. In our case, it turned out to be because the underlying Illuminate/Database code was expecting an instance of Exception, but FatalThrowableError is an instance of Throwable and doesn’t inherit from Exception.

I have made a PR here: