Snapshot services

I’m looking for a way to snapshot the services I’ve assembled on a 2.0 DSP and deploy them to another instance. Is this a feature that is present within the UI? Is this something I can do with grabbing specific files or DB entries from within the DSP install?
Alternatively, is there a good way for me to be able to script the creation of services? I’m hoping to build a software package that is easy to do a pushbutton deploy with.

DreamFactory uses its own APIs to manage and build your APIs within the DreamFactory UI.

You can do a GET on system/service to get a dump of all installed services, or system/service/ID# to get the configuration for 1 specific service.
You can then reuse this data to create services at your new DF instance by POSTing to system/service.

Really everything that is done in the admin application can be done via API instead.

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Perfect, thanks! This’ll make a simple deployment much easier!