Sometimes not able to restart mysql service using stop / start (tc.log file issue)


I have a similar problem like described in Error on tc.log file when restarting bitnami service, but different boundary conditions:

The first restart of the bitnami services via /bitnami/ stop / start led to the same error as discussed in the above mentioned conversation. So I simply deleted /bitnami/mysql/data/tc.log (after reading this post above) and I could restart it again.
The days after, I tested this several times and each time was successful: all services could be started.

But after 1 week working with it, the error restarting the bitnami services occurred again.

In my case, I never changed “always_wrap_resources” to false in apps/dreamfactory/htdocs/config/df.php. It’s set to true from the beginning.
Neither I performed changes in other config files.
Neither I have this problem every time restarting the bitnami services.

Why do I get this error sometimes and sometimes not?
I guess this is an indication, that my bitnami installation is not running reliably?

Thank you in advance for any hint
Best Regards